Easy Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

Dated: 02/04/2020

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Selling your home doesn't have to be a daunting task. Follow these simple tricks to help sell your house more quickly!

Curb Appeal 

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A buyer will form an opinion of your home within seconds of pulling up to the curb outside. An untidy appearance could even cause them to skip viewing the house, and head to their next showing. Make sure the yard is mowed, the weeds are pulled, plant a few colorful flowers in the beds, maybe even clean the windows. Hanging a pretty wreath and putting out a clean doormat can up curb appeal as well. Don't miss the opportunity to win buyers over as soon as they arrive.


Clean, clean, and clean again! Don't assume buyers will look past messes; in fact, nothing turns off buyers like a messy house. If you're able, hire a cleaning service to give the house a deep cleaning. And make sure the house is tidy before showings - make the beds and put the dirty dishes and laundry out of sight.


Almost every buyer is looking for a home with lots of storage. Decluttering your house will make the storage space seem more ample. If you have a lot of bulky furniture, consider renting a storage unit, and storing some of the bigger pieces to give your home a more open feel. Pack away those knick-knacks, work on clearing off bathroom and kitchen counters, and try to pack away half of the things inside your closets. Doing these things will help make your home seem both calmer and larger. Plus, you'll get a head start on packing - win win! 


You've made your house a home, but now is the time to change it back. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your house, and if family pictures are on every wall, they're going to have a hard time envisioning the house as their own. Considering packing your family photos, collections, memorabilia, and anything overtly political or religious. The goal is to make your house a blank slate for potential buyers.

Focus on Light

After location, good light is the one thing every buyer mentions wanting in a house. Clean the windows to let the sunshine in, open the blinds, remove the heavy curtains, and make sure to place higher wattage bulbs in your lamps. Doing these things will make your house bright, cheery, and inviting to potential buyers. 

Hire a Professional

A 2019 report by the National Association of REALTORS found that homes listed by an agent sold at a median of $280,000, 40% more than for sale by owner homes, which sold at a median of $200,000. Between the extensive paperwork, negotiating, and marketing, it is well worth it to hire a qualified agent to help sell your home more quickly and easily.

Price it Right

Overpricing your home with the idea that buyers will negotiate the price down unfortunately doesn't usually work. Buyers often don't take interest in overpriced homes, which can lead to a house staying on the market for a long period of time. 

A real estate agent is invaluable in this step. An agent can prepare a comparative market analysis, which compares your home to recently sold homes that are similar in location, size, and condition, and price your home appropriately for the market.

Be Accommodating

Make showing your home as easy as possible. If your home can be shown with little to no notice, more potential buyers will visit. Requiring 24 hours' notice, or not making your home available for showings on weekends and evenings can cause buyers to skip viewing your house all together. It might be temporarily inconvenient to try and be ready to clear out for last minute showings, but making your house as accessible as possible will help it sell more quickly.

    These simple ideas can help your home be more appealing to potential buyers, and help get your home under contract quickly!

    Feel free to send us a message or give us a call - we'd love to help with all your real estate needs!

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    Easy Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

    Selling your home doesn't have to be a daunting task. Follow these simple tricks to help sell your house more quickly!Curb Appeal You only get one chance to make a first impression. A buyer

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